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The Characters

Cyrus Lee Hancock is the founder of the Oviedo Army of Surveillance, Intelligence and Security (OASIS) as well as the Hurricane Auxiliary of Tactical Specialists (HATS) and Mothers Against Disarming Any Militias (MADAM). He resides in a Tennessee bunker with his own private arsenal and attack dogs.

Josefina Jesus-Maria is a Florida realtor, a food blogger, a member of the Latino Chamber of Commerce for Central Florida, a self-help guru, life coach and cure

Josefina Jesus-Maria is a food critic, realtor, self-help guru, Chamber of Commerce agent, Coronavirus podcaster and is currently bunkered with Vic Neverman at an undisclosed Centeral Florida golf course.

Vic Neverman is a reformed conspiracy theorist delivering pizza and thai noodles during this current epidemic. He is currently hunkered down with Josefina somewhere in Central Florida.

Gwayne Goshawks is a freelance natural philosopher, recovering romantic and an animal rights activist. Before Covid-19, he was a professional anthropomorphic animal actor at Central Florida theme parks.